December 22, 2008


I am so excited about spending the next few days with my family! I really think that is the best thing about Christmas. My brother is hopefully making it into Holland sometime tonight, not on the amtrak like scheduled, but on a bus. Thankfully he did not come in last night though! Bri has to work tomorrow night and then is off for the rest of the week until Saturday! I can't wait! As crazy as things can get in families, I'm so thankful for mine that is full of love and laughter! Can't wait to share stories and pictures! And I would love for you to share with me your family stories too! Merry Christmas all!

December 10, 2008

Visiting Santa

So we went to visit Santa tonight...let's just say it didn't go so well! Oh well, at least he looked cute in his outfit, although he will probably kill me for making his wear this when he is 18.

December 3, 2008

Love of Reading

So it looks like my love of books has been passed down to my offspring. Some of you know of my obsession with children's book (over 800 and counting). Well thankfully it seems that Joe will be reading many of them. We read every night before he goes to bed and he loves to look at books forever! He will be running around and spot a book, plop on the floor and just look and turn the pages. It is so amazing to see the little gears in his head cranking away! Here are a few pictures of him reading, and one of Papa reading his bedtime story.

November 13, 2008

Raking Leaves

Although we are not done raking leaves yet...I thought I would post some fun pictures of us trying! I am not used to raking all these leaves as this is the first year in our house. The front tree alone was 14 bags plus and the back is at 10 bags with about half the yard to go. Seeing how we can only put 5 extra bags out with our trash, we have a small problem. But thankfully my dad said we could bring the leaves over to his house. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

I don't really have any great pictures of just Joey in his Halloween costume so you will have to enjoy these instead. The first picture is of Joey and his Grandma B looking at her decorations. Next is Joey at Daycare with his classmates. And the last picture is Joey with Daddy.

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

I am so blessed to have a little boy. It is so much fun watching him grow and learn new things. And I am so glad that God gave me a little boy. Many of you know that I say I don't want a little girl and that is still mostly true. I love little boys so much. I laugh at him and with him so much. Yesterday he was busy playing in the backyard while I was cutting bushes back for winter. He was taking rocks from the firepit and putting them into his car. Then I got him out his wagon and he went into his coupe car and was still pulling the wagon as he drove. When we went to go inside he had dirt all over his mouth and was as happy as could be. It's just so amazing how God knows exactly what you need to bless you. And to make Brian happy too, Joey has started kicking his balls around the house. MLS here we come!

October 28, 2008

Dancing with Daddy

Man, does Joey love to dance. Today Brian was playing a game on the Wii and Joey thought he would join in the fun with him! Sorry for the shakey view, I was laughing so hard that I had a hard time holding the camera still!

October 12, 2008

In for it big time

Many have commented on how I am going to be in for it with our little man! Oh man are we having fun! He gets into everything and needs to do everything! I can no longer hang my purse up with our other bags...
He sure knows what money is already! But at least I have a big helper who is always ready to clean up his messes

Time for updates

So I am really bad at this blogging thing. I hear I will catch on so bear with me. Here are a bunch of pictures from the last two weeks. Lots of fun things are happening here! We went to the apple orchard with Grandpa and Grandma Tucker (ha that's funny to type!) and Joey had a great time picking apples off the trees, riding in barrels and riding the wagon. Joey also got his first full haircut. My mom has been trimming it around the edges but I had enough. If anyone knows me I'm a little compulsive when it comes to hair (especially mine...), so I made the appointment at noon and his hair was gone around 3. But he looks so handsome now I can't take it! And the final pictures are of the Boerman family hayride that I was so kindly invited to last night by my dear friend Sandi. Enjoy!

Riding the barrels Picking apples Riding the wagon with Grandpa

Pre-haircut Post-haircut Hayride!

September 24, 2008


Whoa man this actually worked! I'm so excited! I have been trying to put videos on here for so long and I can't tell you how happy I am that I think I got it to work. This is a video of Joey showing off his dance moves. Don't ask where he got them from but man is he a ham! Any time there is music on he dances like this. It's too funny!

September 15, 2008

A Weekend Without Sickness!

Wow! Knock on wood, we made it a weekend without a sick child. It was wonderful! Too bad it rained all weekend. But now we have a new and exciting problem. Okay minus the exciting...Our dear precious boy is a tantrum king! I thought they didn't start that until they were 2, but oh no, he can throw a good one. The other day we got pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner. (where you take it home to bake) Well Joey saw the pizza when we got home and decided that he wanted it right then. I had to bake it so I put it in the oven and Joey started to cry and kick his feet on the floor. This continued the entire 20 minutes that the pizza was in the oven. We tried giving him other food, distracting him with his favorite toys, but nothing worked. Needless to say we have our hands full! But he's so darn cute...

September 8, 2008

Water Aerobics

Oh man did I have fun tonight! Melissa and I started water aerobics at the Grandville Middle School. We were a little worried at first but then realized that we were some of the youngest people there and had nothing to worry about how we looked in a bathing suit! It was a lot of fun though (although I am a little itchy right now...) I am a little sore and can imagine that I will be even sorer tomorrow. But it's great exercise and a nice break from life for a while. Brian has been gracious enough to watch Joey and Jessica tonight, not an easy task as Joey is still getting over something and a crabby pants. But he made it and we made it and we are signed up for thirteen weeks of this so we better get used to it! I think it's time for some popcorn and a little rest and relaxation. Small group starts tomorrow night which is always a great time and I can't wait! TTFN!

September 3, 2008

The first of many

Here begins the insanity! Well I guess it is not that crazy here, crazy is as crazy does, right? Our life is pretty simple here, I guess I just started a blog to join the revolution. I hope this keeps our friends and families in touch.

So as many of you know, Joey gets sick quite often. Three weeks ago we had tubes put in his ears after endless ear infections and a failed hearing test. We thought that he would be healthier now that he has these tubes but I guess we were wrong. Last week he had a yucky cold again which caused his ears to drain. We made it through that and were hoping for a great week free of sickness (we are on about a two week cycle of sicknesses with him). But that is not the case! Our beautiful son did not poop all weekend (I sound like Jonna). Monday night he had a small one and has successfully had a small little one each day. I was thinking he was okay, but then Miss Barb at daycare came to tell me today that Joey threw up twice in the last half hour or so. Joey has never thrown up so I was a little frightened. I went and checked on him and he seemed okay, ready for a nap, but okay. So I called the doctor and told her what was going on and she said to try the prune juice and see what happens. So we are trying and waiting... pray for patience, he's pretty crabby...I would be too if I had a gut ache like that. And pray for health, something that we just can't seem to get a handle on.