May 11, 2009

Crazy times

Man I'm bad at this! A lot has been happening, maybe that's why I haven't updated in a while. The daycare is moving ahead slowly but surely. I can really feel God's calling to lead me to this stage in my life. I can't wait to open and be staying home with Joey every day.
Another update in case you didn't know... we are expecting our second child in November. All I can say about that is CRAZY!! So far everything looks good and I'm feeling well. But this week was a big reminder for me that this baby is totally under God's control and I need to totally trust him with taking care of him/her. One of my great friends lost her baby this week at 7 months along. I grieve for her and pray for peace and acceptance of God's will for her life.
Mother's day was fun, we had some of the family here at our little house. It was a little tight but lots of fun!
Here is a few pictures from our trip to Atlanta...we had a great time spending the weekend with my brother TJ and Jim! Joey checking out the view at Stone Mountain

Jim, Brian, Joey, me and TJ at Piedmont Park