February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've seen other friends do a post like this and thought it would be fun.  Here are a few things I'm loving today!
 #1 Wearing pants in a smaller size than what I wore in high school
 #2 Snuggling with my adorable nephew (don't you love his hair!)
#3 Being on day 66 of my 90 day workout plan.  I have NEVER stuck to something like this for this long!  And the best part is that in 66 days I have lost 11 inches!

What are you loving today?


  1. Way to go girl! you look great!

  2. Tell me about this 90 day workout plan. Where do you get the plan from?

  3. We got it from Best Buy, it's called Supreme 90 Day. It's a lot like P90x but shorter workouts, more doable for me and less "meat-head" attitude. This is the longest I have ever stuck to anything so I know it's great!

    1. Thanks for the info. I'll have to check it out this weekend. You look wonderful!!

    2. Best Buy does not carry it anymore, bummer. I'd like to see it before I get it. Any idea's??

  4. You can order it online...