May 31, 2011

Superman's Mom

I found this poem earlier in the year and have been wanting to share it for a long time...Here's to all the mom's of boys!

Superman's Mom
Last week I fought a dragon strong
Then climbed a castle wall.
Too bad I fell from off the roof
Mom's flowers broke my fall.

Yesterday I sailed to sea
With pirates at the door.
Too bad the tub was just too small
To keep the ocean off the floor.

Today I launched a rocket to
The moon for Mom to see.
Too bad the wheel came flying off
And so I skinned my knee.

But mom was there to pick me up
And make me feel alright
Then sent me out to save the world
And put my cape on tight.

Someday I'll grow and fly away
Little doesn't last for long.
But when I'm big, I won't forget
Even superman needs a mom.
~Liz Lemon Swindle
My superheros!

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