July 21, 2012

Photographs- a lesson from WW

Working my way to becoming a leader at Weight Watchers has been so fun and exciting!  One thing they ask you to think about is your story and why you joined WW, what motivated you to finally be successful.  It took me a while to figure out what it was that really got me started at WW besides wanting to lose weight.  So many have a bad visit to the doctor, or a pant size they don't want to fit into (or can't fit into anymore)-something dramatic like that...I just couldn't think of any.  I mean I remember when I signed up very clearly, it was March of 2010.  Brian was still laid up with his broken leg...I think that may have been some of the motivation, just needing to get out of the house for a little bit of me time.  (No worries, Brian, you couldn't help it!)
But when I was looking for my before picture I was reminded very quickly why I joined WW.  I remember before I joined how I would hate getting pictures taken and ask Brian or whoever was taking the pictures to take another...and another...and another.  But alas, no matter how I turned or smiled or tried to get my "good side" I hated every picture.  And this bothered me so much because I wanted my pictures taken with my new baby (Aaron was only 4 months old), and my adorable family.  Seeing those pictures and cringing every time I posted one was what truly motivated me to lose weight.
I still remember some pictures that we took a few months after I joined WW and thinking, wow, I look a lot better than I used to in pictures.  I knew I wasn't where I wanted to be but I was starting to enjoy seeing myself in a few pictures.
(15 lbs lost)
And I very vividly remember last November at Brian's aunt's wedding, going into the photo booth and having a riot with the camera.  When we got home that night...or maybe the next morning...I remember looking at that print out and not thinking one negative thing about myself.   Now, typing this I realize this all sounds very shallow but it is what motivated me strongly on top of getting healthier and having a longer life expectancy. I wish I had a digital copy of the photos from that wedding but I still have those pictures hanging in my bathroom where I see them every morning.  And when I see them, I am reminded that it's okay to feel good about yourself and the way you look.  That is a new thing for me.  I was very ashamed of how I looked and was not able to let my personality come out.  Now I feel free to be me (thinking of a song...) and am so happy this way.  
Here are a few other pictures along the way of my weight loss journey...

This last one was just taken recently by my oldest and I love it!  What a feeling to be able to finally show my personality in my photos.  I am so grateful to WW for helping me find Tiffany back.  

If you are reading this and can relate...please do not be afraid to talk to me!  I love what I do especially when I get to see others be successful and become the amazing people God intended them to be without being weighted down with all the extra "weight!"