December 22, 2008


I am so excited about spending the next few days with my family! I really think that is the best thing about Christmas. My brother is hopefully making it into Holland sometime tonight, not on the amtrak like scheduled, but on a bus. Thankfully he did not come in last night though! Bri has to work tomorrow night and then is off for the rest of the week until Saturday! I can't wait! As crazy as things can get in families, I'm so thankful for mine that is full of love and laughter! Can't wait to share stories and pictures! And I would love for you to share with me your family stories too! Merry Christmas all!

December 10, 2008

Visiting Santa

So we went to visit Santa tonight...let's just say it didn't go so well! Oh well, at least he looked cute in his outfit, although he will probably kill me for making his wear this when he is 18.

December 3, 2008

Love of Reading

So it looks like my love of books has been passed down to my offspring. Some of you know of my obsession with children's book (over 800 and counting). Well thankfully it seems that Joe will be reading many of them. We read every night before he goes to bed and he loves to look at books forever! He will be running around and spot a book, plop on the floor and just look and turn the pages. It is so amazing to see the little gears in his head cranking away! Here are a few pictures of him reading, and one of Papa reading his bedtime story.